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National Resource Typing Glossary of Terms and Definitions
October 2004
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Resource Typing Glossary

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Management Support Team (MST), National Disaster Medical System (NDMS)
An MST is a command and control team that provides support and liaison functions for other NDMS teams in the field.  MSTs are usually staffed by a mix of Federal employees and are constituted on an ad-hoc, mission-specific basis.  An MST (perhaps as small as one or two individuals) always accom­panies an NDMS unit on a deployment.  See Annex A:  Federal Response Teams for more detailed informa­tion on this Federal Resource.

Mine and Tunnel Search and Rescue Team
A specially trained and equipped team that searches for, rescues, and/or recovers individuals from working or abandoned mines and tunnels. rx-med.net

Mine Rescue Team (Confined Space Rescue)
Team locates and rescues individuals lost or trapped in active or abandoned mine shafts or other below-ground entrapments.

Mobile Communications Center (Mobile Emergency Operations Center [EOC]; Mobile Command Center; Continuity of Operations Vehicle)
A vehicle that serves as a self-sustaining mobile operations center capable of operating in an environ­ment with little to no basic services, facilitating communications between multiple entities using an array of fixed and/or wireless communications equipment, providing appropriate work space for routine support functions, and providing basic services for personnel in short-term or long-term deployments.

Mobile Feeding Kitchen (Mobile Field Kitchen; Rapid Deployment Kitchen)
A containerized kitchen that can be positioned forward in fulfillment of Emergency Support Function (ESF) #11 - Food and Water.  The units are used to support feeding operations at emergency incidents.

Mobile Field Force (Crowd Control Teams; Riot Dispersal Team)
Police units trained in handling large crowds and riot situations, including specialized training in crowd dispersal, tactics, and special weapons.

Mobile Kitchen Unit
A unit designed and constructed to dispense food for incident personnel providing a specified level of capacity.

Mountain Search and Rescue Team (Wilderness Rescue Team)
Team searches for and rescues people either above the timberline or in high-angle areas below the timberline, which can include glacier, crevasse, backcountry, alpine search and rescue, and other aspects of the environment.


Resource Typing Glossary

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