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EMAC International provides comprehensive and multidisciplinary professional consulting services defined by our innovative and progressive solutions to meet the complex challenges of our clients. Our subject matter experts and specialists are nationally recognized in areas of emergency management, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. These award-winning professionals work in partnership with clients to identify and develop strategies for any type of emergency they may face.

EMAC International is the premier provider of all-hazards consulting and technical services for both public and private sector organizations, delivering resources to a client base of:

EMAC International’s diverse all-hazards consulting and technical services are recognized for their intelligent, rational, and objective results. Our scope of services consists of:

Federal Agencies
State & Local Governments
Emergency Medical Services
Law Enforcement Agencies
Health Care Organizations
Fire, Rescue, & EMS Departments
Educational Institutions
Corporate Entities
Public Works
Construction Firms
Industries & Manufacturing
Utilities & Energy Producers

Command Management Planning &
Emergency Management & Disaster
Command & Company Officer Development
Executive Leadership Services
Masterplanning, Strategic Analysis & Planning
Strategic Deployment & Response Studies
Community Risk Assessments
Emergency Response Evaluations &
Incident Reports
Homeland Security and
Terrorism Preparedness & Planning
Risk & Operational Safety Management
Self- Assessments & Effectiveness Reviews

Inspections & Auditing Services
Disaster Planning & Assessments
Special Operations Management
Management Services & Studies
Strategic Planning & Facilitating
Technical Evaluations, Studies, & Reports
Occupational Safety &
Health Compliance Reports
Fire Protection Evaluations
Training Program Development &
Specialized Research
Third Party Evaluations
Expert Witness Services
Speakers Bureau

EMAC International

Our Philosophy
EMAC International strives to provide objective evaluations, assessments, studies and services that are balanced between the precise analytical and subjective data acquired and the realistic and problematic issues and conditions that influence your organization’s operational delivery system or processes. Our philosophy is founded on maintaining a balanced blend and merger of technology with recognized processes, coupled with the sensitivity of the human element that is the fundamental core of public safety, fire suppression & protection and emergency services delivery systems. EMAC International’s seamless blending of practicality, creativity, fiscal responsiveness and innovation distinguishes us as the leaders in providing our clients with attainable and useful products.

With a nationally recognized and awarded staff of subject matter experts, specialists and instructors in emergency management, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery, our highly qualified and credentialed team of professionals work in partnership with our clients to identify, formulate and develop strategies, methods, processes and recommendations that deliver a broad range of comprehensive and client-focused all-hazards services.

Masterplanning & Strategic Analysis Services

EMAC International is an industry leader in comprehensive masterplanning and strategic analysis. We work with a variety of emergency management agencies, organizations and governmental agencies to develop creative solutions to complex planning challenges. Our experts understand the issues that influence and affect the delivery of emergency services. As you can see below, our scope of services offers a thorough review to help our clients evaluate their level of preparedness.

Fire Protection Services Evaluations
Strategic Deployment & Response Studies
Specialized Research Studies & Evaluations
Pre-Fire Planning Services
Consolidation Studies
Masterplanning Studies
Community Risk Assessment Studies
Fire Station Location Planning
Emergency Services Effectiveness of Response Evaluations
Disaster Planning & Assessment
Special Hazards Assessments, Evaluations & Research Studies
Response Level Planning for Planned Development or Target Hazards
Box Alarm Deployment Evaluations & Development
Manpower Studies
Technical Rescue Deployment Evaluations
Urban Search and Rescue Community Risk Assessments
Disaster Masterplanning Planning & Assessment

Speakers Bureau

EMAC International’s nationally and internationally recognized and awarded leadership team, staff of subject matter experts, specialists and prominent instructors provides a dynamic speaker’s bureau to support your speaking engagement needs. Whether you are looking for a keynote speaker to open your conference, convention, seminar or business meeting, a motivational speaker to discuss timely issues or topics, a speaker for specific breakout sessions, a motivational or an entertaining speaker for pre or post event presentations; EMAC International’s speakers are consistently rated among the most pertinent and effective speakers at their events, and are accustomed to speaking to audiences of varying sizes and demographics. Whether the event is a local, regional, statewide, national or international event, and regardless of the audience size or program our leadership team is highly responsive and poised to respond in a timely manner to support your service needs.

We take great pride in providing the highest quality of client-centered service available. Our speakers have the ability to speak on a large variety of topics. These topics include leadership/management, motivation-based topics on LODD issues and injury reduction, safety & health, customer service, risk management, current & timely issues affecting command and operational subjects, technology, and a wide range of suitable subject matter in all-hazards emergency management, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. Our highly qualified and credentialed team of professionals work in partnership with our clients to identify, formulate and develop a presentation that delivers the appropriate message or theme and addresses the broad range of comprehensive and client focused all-hazards services. We also have the ability to deliver critical presentations, rollout new initiatives or establish the keynote theme at any number of meetings, gatherings or conventions. EMAC International’s committed and experienced speakers provide reliable, consistent and high caliber presentations that will leave an indelible impression your agency, group or audience. Contact us to discuss your projected planning needs and subject related considerations.

Examples of Speaker Presentations & Engagements
Local, Regional or State Level Meetings or Conventions
Community Events
Governmental Meetings and Presentations
Keynote Speakers for Conferences, Summits and Conventions
Speakers for specific subject matter conference areas
Associations, Divisions and Organizational Meetings
Seminar, Symposium, Forums or Business Meetings
Social and Fundraising Events
Dedication, Testimonial and Awards Engagements & Presentations
Annual Dinner and Installation Events

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