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National Resource Typing Glossary of Terms and Definitions
October 2004
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Resource Typing Glossary

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Lattice Truck Cranes
This is the larger of the wheel cranes.  Usually used for long-term applications where significant weights and reaches are a factor.  Stabilizers include outriggers for stability.  Several mobilization units will be required to transport boom units and counterweights.  Set-up time can be accomplished with relative ease and speed once all components are available for assembly. canadadrugstop.com

Law Enforcement Aviation - Fixed-Wing
Fixed-wing aircraft of various sizes used for surveillance, extraditions, personnel, and cargo transpor­tation.

Law Enforcement Aviation - Helicopters - Patrol and Surveillance
Helicopters of various sizes to provide multifunction aerial support for ground operations.

Law Enforcement Canine Teams - Cadaver Detecting Dogs
Patrol dogs trained to find and passively alert on decaying human tissues, bones, and fluids.

Law Enforcement Canine Teams - Explosive Detecting Dogs
Patrol dogs trained to detect and passively alert on a variety of odors indicating the presence of explosive devices.

Law Enforcement Canine Teams - Narcotics Detecting Dogs
Patrol dogs capable of finding and alerting on cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamines, heroin, and their derivatives.

Law Enforcement Canine Teams - Patrol Dogs (K-9s)
Trained canine units providing law enforcement with a nonlethal means of apprehending dangerous crimi­nal offenders; detecting intruders and alerting handlers to their presence; pursuing, attacking, and holding criminal offenders who resist apprehension; searching and clearing buildings and large open areas for criminals; tracking lost children or other persons; detecting the presence of certain narcotics, explosives, and tobacco products; locating deceased subjects, crime scenes, and minute physical evidence; and providing a strong psychological deterrent to certain types of criminal misconduct.

Law Enforcement Dive Teams - Evidence Recovery
Underwater teams used to recover evidence.

Law Enforcement Dive Teams - Recovery
Underwater teams used to recover drowning victims and lost vessels.

Liquid Splash-Protective Ensemble
Multiple elements designed to provide a degree of protection for emergency response personnel from adverse exposure to the inherent risks of liquid-chemical exposure occurring during hazardous materials (HazMat) emergencies and similar operations.  The liquid splash-protective ensemble is either an encap­sulating or nonencapsulating ensemble.  (National Fire Protection Association [NFPA] Standard # 1992)

Low-Angle Rope Rescue (Rope Rescue)
Rescue in which the load is predominately supported by itself and not the rope rescue system.

Resource Typing Glossary

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