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EMAC International offers clients highly respected faculty and staff to serve them with unparalleled support in critical emergency preparedness areas. EMAC International's core capabilities can be tailored to a client's requirements by targeted application of specific credentials, education and background of our employees. Proven multidisciplinary experience, advanced delivery methods and customized solutions make EMAC International the choice for your all-hazards consulting and training needs.

Our technical experts are focused in the areas of emergency and disaster management, incident command, technical rescue, hazardous materials, emergency medical and mass casualty response, and chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear weapons of mass destruction (CBRN/WMD) emergency response operations. The EMAC International team is comprised of Emergency Managers, Fire-Rescue Officers, EMT/Paramedics, Hazardous Materials Technicians and Specialists, National Fire Academy (NFA) and Emergency Management Institute (EMI) Instructors, Law Enforcement personnel, former military personnel and private sector specialists.

Our team's experience includes the following specialties:

National Incident Management System (NIMS)
Incident Command System (NIMS ICS)
Hospital Emergency ICS (HEICS)
Law Enforcement ICS (LEICS)
Emergency Management Coordination
Homeland Security & Terrorism Preparedness
Command & Company Officer Development
Integrated Strategies& Tactics
Emergency Medical Management
Disaster Coordination
Risk & Operational Safety Management
Structural Anatomy™
Special Operations Management
Unified Command System



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