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National Resource Typing Glossary of Terms and Definitions
October 2004
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Resource Typing Glossary

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Ice Search and Rescue Team (Water Rescue Team; Public Safety Dive Team)
Team locates and rescues individuals trapped under ice-capped water.

Illumination Unit (Lighting Plant)
A portable light-generating unit capable of providing three to six lights of 500 watts each with extension cords from 500 feet to 1,000 feet to provide specified level of illumination capacity. ag-guys.com

Incident Management Team
A command team comprised of the Incident Commander (IC), appropriate command, and general staff personnel assigned to an incident.  (Source:  FIRESCOPE)

Incident Management Team, Animal Protection
An Animal Protection Incident Management Team, when deployed, will asses the emergency situation and determine the number of operational strike teams that will be required for rescuing, transporting, and sheltering of animals.

Incident Management Team, Firefighting
An Incident Management Team is an interagency organization under the auspices of NWCG composed of the Incident Commander (IC) and appropriate general and command staff personnel assigned to an incident, trained and certified to the Type I level.  Type I level personnel possess the highest level of training available and are experienced in the management of complex incidents.

Individual Assistance Disaster Assessment Team
An Individual Assistance Disaster Assessment Team is responsible for providing expert assessments of the disaster situation pertaining to claims for individual assistance and other programs. 

Individual Assistance Disaster Assessment Team Leader
An Individual Assistance Disaster Assessment Team Leader is the individual responsible for leading the individual assistance disaster assessment team and possesses an administrative knowledge of Individual Assistance areas.  (See Individual Assistance Disaster Assessment Team.)

Assets or expertise specifically owned, possessed, directed, and/or controlled by the responding entity.

Instrument Flight Rules (IFRs)
Set of rules, guidelines, and procedures that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has established for pilots to operate aircraft in marginal weather conditions, usually defined as ceilings below 1,000 feet/ visibility less than 3 miles.

Interagency Buying Team, Firefighting
The Interagency Wildland Fire Community supports a Buying Team. A National Buying Team supports the procurement efforts through the local administrative staff and is authorized to procure a wide range of services, supplies, and land and equipment rentals.  In addition, the buying team leader has the responsibility of coordinating property accountability with the supply unit leader.

International Medical Surgical Response Team (IMSuRT), National Disaster Medical System (NDMS)
An IMSuRT is a volunteer group of medical and nonmedical individuals, usually from the same State or region of a State, that has formed a response team under the guidance of the NDMS and the State Department, and whose personnel and equipment give it deployable medical and surgical treatment capability, worldwide.  It is the only NDMS medical team with surgical operating room capability.  Full team consists of roughly 26 personnel, which is a mix of physicians, nurses, medical technicians, and allied personnel.  See Annex A:  Federal Response Teams for more detailed information on this Federal Resource.

Resource Typing Glossary

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