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National Resource Typing Glossary of Terms and Definitions
October 2004
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Resource Typing Glossary

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Backhoe Loader (Wheel Loader; Backhoe)
This is dual-purpose equipment used for loading materials and excavating.  Components are located at each end of the equipment.  The loading attachments are usually to the front end and the excavating attachment is to the rear. Equipment is available with all-wheel or two-wheel drive.  Various sizes are available.  Mobilization can be self-propelled and/or on a flat bed trailer.  Refer to definitions of wheel loaders (medium to small) and hydraulic excavators for a sampling of capabilities.  

Basic Life Support (BLS) Ambulance
An ambulance service capable of delivering basic emergency interventions performed by Emergency Medical Services (EMS) practitioners trained and credentialed to do so (e.g., splinting, bandaging, oxygen administration). medrx-one.com

Biological Agent
Living organisms or the materials derived from them (such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and toxins) that cause disease in or harm to humans, animals, or plants, or cause deterioration of material.

Boat, Fire
A vessel or watercraft designed and constructed for the purpose of fighting fires providing specified level of pumping capacity.  The boat is designed with the ability to carry firefighting foam and personnel for the extinguishments of fires in the marine environment.

Bomb Squad/Explosives Teams
A police unit specializing in the investigation and disarming of suspected explosive devices.

Bomb Suits
Suits made of Kevlar® (inner material) and Nomex 3 (outer material to protect from fire).

Breathing Apparatus Support (SCBA Support; Breathing Air, Firefighting)
A mobile unit designed and constructed for the purpose of providing specified level of breathing air support capacity and personnel capable of refilling self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) at remote incident locations (Compressor Systems or Cascade).

Brush Patrol Unit, Firefighting (Brush Patrol)
Any light, mobile vehicular unit with limited pumping and water capacity for off-road operations.

Resource Typing Glossary

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