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Federal Emergency Management Agency

Resource: Wheel Loaders (Small 7 cy to 2 cy)
Category: Public Works and Engineering (ESF #3)
Kind: Equipment
Minimum Capabilities (Component) Minimum Capabilities
Type I Type II Type III Type IV Other
Equipment Cubic Yards

928G, IT28G
In respective order:
Max. Flywheel Power 107 kW (144 hp);
Operating Weight 11836 kg-12134 kg (26094 lb-26751 lb);
Bucket Capacity Range 2-5.35 m3 (2.5-7 yd3);
Fuel Tank (59 gal)

924G, 924Gz
In respective order:
Max. Flywheel Power 98 kW (132 hp);
Operating Weight 10328 kg-9844 kg (22769 lb-21702 lb);
Bucket Capacity Range 1.7-5 m3 (2.2-6.5 yd3);
Fuel Tank (59-51 gal)

IT14G, 914G
In respective order:
Max. Gross Power 73 kW (98 hp);
Operating Weight 7906 kg-7243 kg (17393 lb-15935 lb);
Breakout Force (17270-14007 lb);
Static Tipping Load (10094-11737 lb);
Dump Clearance 9.58-8.75 feet;
Bucket Capacity Range 1.4 m3 (1.8 yd3);
Fuel Tank (59-51 gal)




Caterpillar products used in typing. To better match bucket needs to material conditions, contact dealer and or owner. IT models offer multiple attachments.







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