U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Federal Emergency Management Agency

Resource: Mobile Feeding Kitchen (Also Known as a "Mobile Field Kitchen")
Category: Food & Water (ESF #11)
Kind: Equipment
Minimum Capabilities (Component) Minimum Capabilities
Type I Type II Type III Type IV Other
Mobile Field Kitchen Number of people unit is capable of feeding Feeds up to 1,000 twice daily Feeds up to 650 twice daily Feeds up to 300 twice daily Feeds up to 100 twice daily  
Mobile Kitchen Trailer (MKT-1) 1 Trailer 45-53' trailer 36-42' trailer 20-30' trailer 16-18' trailer (concession-type)  
2 1/2-Ton or 5-Ton Truck and Driver for Transport 1 Truck + Driver Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Kitchen Support Personnel Number of Personnel 4, including kitchen supervisor 3, including kitchen supervisor 2 2  


The Mobile Feeding Kitchen (a.k.a. Mobile Field Kitchen or Rapid Deployment Kitchen) is a containerized kitchen that can be positioned forward in fulfillment of ESF #11. The units are used to support feeding operations at emergency incidents. It should be capable of providing hot meals twice daily to 650 to 1,000 individuals, either those providing the emergency response or those displaced by the disaster. The system should be equipped to provide storage, refrigeration, sanitation, and other essentials for all types of meal preparation. The units may be fitted with convection and conventional ovens, steam and tilt skillets, and modern burner units. The kitchens may come with a support trailer that carries tables, chairs, additional implements, tents or dining hall facilities as requested. The kitchen should provide a minimum of 360 square feet of food preparation and serving areas protected from natural elements of the environment. All food preparation equipment, the electrical supply, the environmental control system, and all related controls should be included. Setup and tear down should be accomplished in approximately 45 minutes. Personnel to operate the kitchen may include a crew of four, plus a kitchen supervisor.

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