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Resource: International Medical Surgical Response Team (IMSuRT)
Category: Health & Medical (ESF #8)
Kind: Team
Minimum Capabilities (Component) Minimum Capabilities
Type I Type II Type III Type IV Other
IMSuRT is equipped and trained to provide surgical care outside CONUS. Full team consists of roughly 26 personnel (NOTE 1) Deployment Readiness; Staffing; Training Status; Patient Treatment Capacity Able to begin deployment to OCONUS location within 3 hours of notification; Staff 2 OR suites providing emergency surgery, treatment, and stabilization; Usually deploys with all necessary equipment (NOTE 2) Some mix of capabilities less than Type I      
Equipment and Supplies Logistics Status Fully equipped to provide free-standing surgical capability, etc. (NOTE 2) Limited to none      


Definition: An International Medical/Surgical Response Team is a volunteer group of medical and nonmedical individuals, usually from the same State or region of a State, that have formed a response team under the guidance of the National Disaster Medical System and the State Department, and whose personnel and equipment give it deployable medical and surgical treatment capability, worldwide.

NOTE 1: This is the only NDMS medical team with surgical OR capability. Currently a single IMSuRT exists at level 1, being a successor to the previous IST specialty DMAT. Two additional teams are being formed.

NOTE 2: IMSuRT does not usually function in an austere environment without additional support.


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