U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Federal Emergency Management Agency

Resource: Incident Management Team, Animal Protection
Category: Animals and Agriculture Issues
Kind: Team
Minimum Capabilities (Component) Minimum Capabilities
Type I Type II Type III Type IV Other
Personnel Number of People Per Response

Federal deployment of 20-50 persons (see Veterinary Medical Assistance Team under Health and Medical Resources discipline)
1 Incident Commander,
1 Liaison to Unified Command, 1 PIO, 1 Safety Officer, 1 Veterinarian (deployed or on call); Operations Section (includes large and small animal rescue, transportation, shelter, and veterinary teams); Planning Section (includes resources, situation, check-in, and check out); Logistics Section (includes facilities, ground support, equipment, communications, and personnel); Finance/Admin Section (includes procurement and timekeeping)

State deployment of
10-100 persons for assessment and surveillance

Local deployment of 10-30 persons for assessment, surveillance, action within
2 to 4 hours

Personnel Lead Time to Deploy

Deploy within 12 to 24 hours

Up to 100 persons deploy within 4 to 12 hours

10-200 persons for disaster response within 24 hours


Personnel Sustained Operations

Self-sufficient for up to
3 days and can be deployed for up to 14 days or more.

Deployed for up to 7 days

Deployed for up to 5 days


Training   Incident Commander: should complete ICS 100-, 200-, and 300-level course work.
Volunteers: FEMA EMI/IS classes in Emergency Preparedness; Basic ICS; Animals in Disaster; Module A & B; Livestock in Disasters




Equipment   Radio/walkie-talkie system; Cell phones; Pagers; Laptops; Base station; Fresh batteries; Admin/management kit with forms; Documents; Plans; SOPs; Manuals; Office supplies





Four-wheel-drive vehicle (SUV)






When deployed, an Animal Protection Incident Management Team will assess the emergency situation and determine the number of operational strike teams that will be required for rescuing, transporting, and sheltering of animals. Type I Incident Management Team would be activated in a federally declared disaster and/or for incidents of national significance.

National Mutual Aid & Resource Management Initiative
Animal Health