U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Federal Emergency Management Agency

Resource: Electrical Power Restoration Team (Example)
Category: Public Works and Engineering (ESF #3)
Kind: Team
Minimum Capabilities (Component) Minimum Capabilities
Type I Type II Type III Type IV Other

• 5 overhead (2 person)
  crews with material
• 1 overhead (2 person)
• 2 designers
• 1 team leader
• 1 safety specialist
• Fleet services


• Digger derrick/pole
• Auxiliary bucket
  (material handler or 36’



Electrical Power Restoration Teams coordinate and support resources of energy producers to quickly restore electrical power to afflicted areas. Members should possess the experience and financial capabilities to support equipment and personnel, and to maintain operations for an indefinite period of time. Teams are “Site-Specific” and dependent on personnel and equipment deployment. The above type is only one example of said resource.

National Mutual Aid & Resource Management Initiative
Public Works