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Resource: Dump Trailer (One Type/Example Only)
Category: Public Works and Engineering (ESF #3)
Kind: Equipment
Minimum Capabilities (Component) Minimum Capabilities
Type I Type II Type III Type IV Other


Length  ft


Side Height  ft


Overall Height Variable (max)  ft/in


Gate Height  ft 54-72        
Tire to End of Floor  in 4        
King Pin to Front of Trailer  in 18+        
Center of Hinge Pin to End of Floor  in 6        
Side Panels  in 3/16        
Side Panels PSI (min yield)  lbs 175,000        
Bulkhead  in 3/16        
Bulkhead PSI (min yield)  lbs 175,000        
Dog Box  in 3/16        
Dog Box PSI (min yield)  lbs 175,000        
Floor  in 5/16        
Floor PSI (min yield)  lbs 175,000        
Top Rail  in x in 4 x 4        
Vertical Side Posts  in on 24 centers        
Rear Posts  in x in 4 x 4        
I-Beam Crossmembers
 lbs/ft on in 7.7 on 12 centers        
Understructure Longitudinals  in x in x in 6 x 6 x 3/8        
Tailgate  in 1/4        
Tailgate PSI (min yield)  lbs 175,000        
Dana’ D22  lbs/in round 25,000/5        
Brakes (with ABS 4S2M)  in x in 16 x 7        
Frame Depth  in 16        
Frame Wide Flange Beam  lbs/ft 31        
Suspension  lbs 60,000        
Landing Gear  in 7/8        
King Pin Plate  in 3/8        
Wheels   24.5 x 8.25        
Tires   11R24.5, 14 ply        


There will be one type of dump trailer. It will have generally the same configuration but will be capable of hauling more or fewer materials because of varying length and depth. DYNAHAULER/DT dump trailer is used only as an example.

Dump Trailer

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