U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Federal Emergency Management Agency

Resource: Debris Management Site Reduction Team
Category: Public Works and Engineering (ESF #3)
Kind: Team
Minimum Capabilities (Component) Minimum Capabilities
Type I Type II Type III Type IV Other
Storage Area Capabilities  

Ability to establish lined temporary storage areas for ash, household hazardous waste, fuels, and other materials that can contaminate soils, runoff, or ground water

Control Capabilities  

Ability to establish traffic control, dust control, erosion control, fire protection, on-site roadway maintenance, and safety measures

Debris Reduction  

Ability to burn debris through air curtain incineration; Use of tub grinders to reduce disaster debris waste, and other source reduction applications to be site/disaster-specific

Sorting and Stockpiling  

Ability to sort and stack debris at the site


Ability to dispose nonburnable debris and ash residue


Ability to clear site of all debris


Ability to supply, support, and maintain an inventory of varying equipment specialties to facilitate and coordinate the removal, collection, and disposal of debris


Trained and experienced in the field of debris management procedures; Understanding of equipment leasing contracts, various types of equipment, and unit price contracts; Ability to comply with Federal, State, and local authority, and OSHA regulations to which services are being applied; Ability to be fully mobilized and equipped; Engineering background with a background in site development and proven skills in construction; Knowledge of soil and water sampling and other environmental impacts; Knowledge and ability to ensure environmental justice protocols are upheld; Knowledge and expertise to perform varying debris reduction separation techniques, including, at minimum, 4 categories: woody vegetative debris, construction or building rubble, hazardous materials, and recyclable materials (e.g., aluminum, cast iron, steel, or household white goods or appliances); Appropriate education and training in managing inspection stations located at such debris reduction sites, recycling locations, or temporary debris staging reduction sites



Debris Management Site Reduction Teams should possess the experience and financial capabilities to support equipment, disaster debris waste reduction capabilities, and personnel, and to maintain operations for an indefinite period of time. As only one type, the makeup of the Debris Management Site Reduction Team will be dependent on the site and impact specifics of the disaster.

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