Boston IS 700 PowerPoint DRAFTS

The NIMS Facilitator Guide has been transferred to the notes section of each of the versions. Each version is identical in content only the visuals are changed and a few onscreen items. Please review and pick the top 3 versions. We can mix and match a few of the elements so if something stands out as something you like, please mention it. We will decided on the version then start cleaning it up with drop shadows, text cleaning, image compression, content adjustments, etc. - Joe


DRAFT Version 1

DRAFT Version 2

DRAFT Version 3

DRAFT Version 4

DRAFT Version 5

DRAFT Version 6

DRAFT Version 7


DRAFT Version 8

All the images within version 8 are still somewhat higher resolution so you can resize if needed without loosing resolution. This is why the PowerPoint is currently 33 meg.

At the point where you want to finalize the PowerPoint you will need to run an image compression on all the images to reduce the file size.

Because of some of the images within this file we need to set a password modification lock on the document so others cannot remove any of the images and use them elsewhere. We should not share this PowerPoint with anyone outside EMAC.