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As a rule, money problems come into the picture sooner or later too. When the wife worked, and had her own income, it was not so bad. But with an infant, this becomes impossible. It costs more to live, and often the wife has the task of making the money go round. At such times, many men insist on taking over the financial management of the home. This is likely to lead to more squabbles, more fights, more dissension, more hatred.

The sex picture deteriorates further. No longer does his wife want anything to do with "him." Civil words are few and far between. Fights are common.

Finally, just as the parents ten to twenty years ago split up, so the now generation team is headed in the same direction.

The two head for the divorce courts. If there are children involved, the picture is so much sadder, for they unwittingly, and without asking for it, become caught in the web. Once more history is about to repeat itself. The children hear and see what is occurring. Just as their parents are similarly ensnared, so their subconscious minds are absorbing all the unhappy, unfortunate incidents, preparing them, in all probability, for a similar fate in twenty years' time.

So, another marriage becomes a statistic, to be looked at and clucked over by social workers and ministers and any others who might have done something but never did.




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