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The big factor I have found is that sexual incompatibility plays a major part. No doubt, this is a flow-on, in many cases, from the point mentioned above. Many youngsters fly into marriage completely unequipped. They have given it scant thought, and sexually have often had either lots of single-encounter experiences, or a "steady." Very often premarital sexual relationships have flourished, and these often lead to marriage. However, many find that what was once an exciting experience outside the marital bond, loses its exhilaration in marriage. So, instead of the intimate part of marriage continuing to be an exciting pleasure it tends to become a dreary, dull, monotonous incident, devoid of any "kick," and affording little pleasure.

Very often pregnancy occurs early in the piece. Although the Pill and other forms of birth control are available for the asking in these enlightened days, many women still don 4 bother or can't make the effort to take regular precautions. Thus, with sexual excursions more frequent in the early days of marriage, pregnancy is a likely result.

With a baby on the way, a common situation is that the young father-to-be often rebels against the state of his domestic affairs. Soon he may seek female company and sexual gratification elsewhere. It doesn't take very long for the birds to come home to roost. Feeling unwanted, the wife starts to complain, and often rightly so. Instead of gaining support and help from her husband, she is frustrated by the unsatisfactory situation, while he is seeking his pleasures elsewhere.




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